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[audio]"Name Droppers Of The World Unite" - Feelings
More info and free music from Feelings at the Beehive Recording Company
Downloads: 20
[audio]"Not That Kind Of Girl" - Bad Party
For more info and music, click the link below!
Downloads: 49
[audio](none given) - GREGALDUR

Downloads: 21
[audio](none given) - milch of source
[audio](none given) - EeL

Downloads: 7
[audio](none given) - Tom Curitore
Downloads: 12
[audio](none given) - Volume(I) - Burgon/Chavez/Moore/Thorpe
Live at Whitebox Gallery - 6/13/2010
Downloads: 6
[audio](none given) - Ventre de biche

Downloads: 23
[audio](none given) - Radio Drôôôme

Downloads: 20
[audio](none given) - Musik Studio

Downloads: 57
[audio](none given) - Captain Banana Hammock
"YES, Your life spills upon the floor because you've got diarrhea OF THE SOOUUUL!" I should warn you... Captain Banana Hammock is a smidge evil. These outsider-funk tunes unfurl upon your consciousness like a bloody cow fetus at the boner conference. We voluntarily throw ourselves upon his blood stained altar and offer ourselves to the lord of pathological forms... here take this knife evil one. Thrust it into my ear...
Downloads: 51
[audio](none given) - Jamie Kimmel
Jamie Kimmel's songs are stark, emotional and disturbingly soothing.
Downloads: 45
[audio]4 naked songs 4 autumn rainy days - Jahzzar
Acoustic Folk, simple productions... "4 Naked" is a walk through a park, watching the leaves fall. Melancholy, as it can not be otherwise. It's autumn. "Bed" springs from a long bus ride along the coast of the Cantabrian Sea. It´s the melody (try not to be forgotten before the return). "Room with a view" is the rhythm, the pulse of fingerpicking, the conversation between instruments. The street behind the windows fogged...
Downloads: 163
[audio]41°N;90°E - un automne à Lob-Nor

Downloads: 31
[audio]84°3'N,174°51'W - Tobias Herzz Hallbauer
Tobias Herzz Hallbauer : 84°3'N,174°51'W     With this record Tobias Herzz Hallbauer demonstrates the basis for all other music he creates: soundscapes, miniatures, improvisations and compositions for guitar, guitar-fx and loop sampler.    Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tobias Herzz Hallbauer, 2009.   suRRism-Phonoethics proudly presents Tobias Herzz Hallbauer '84°3'N,174°51'W'! '...tender evaluationan in is rather assertive outthe cause had admirers parksthe gardens of yo...
Downloads: 60
[audio]9 next - Alexandre Navarro

Downloads: 25
[audio]Na Kuccyu - Knyaz Mishkin
Zmicier Padbiarezski – declamationLavon Narushevich – guitarViktar Siamashka – wind instrumentsAlbum recorded in February 2008, mixed March 2008.This composition made by poem of Belarusian literature classic Yanka Kupala and dedicated to 90th anniversary of BNR (Belarusian National Republic).
Downloads: 28
[audio]Nabenohanashi - CAFARD CARRÉ

Downloads: 16
[audio]Nadadenovo - Mombojo
The manguebeat movement is a cultural movement created circa 1991 in the city of Recife in Northeast Brazil as a response to the city's cultural and economical stagnation. The original movement named itself mangue bit, "mangue" for Recife's mangroves and "bit" to the computer bit central to the movement's electronic music influences. Since then, mangue bit has been more commonly called manguebeat. The stylistic origins of the music are in maracatu, punk rock, hip hop, samba, Brazilian folk music...
Downloads: 97
[audio]Naked Japanese Boys - EAT!
A bold venture into the unknown for the Chamomile boys, EAT!'s debut album made Curt and Mike realise that it was truly possible to touch a clown in the frightness.
Downloads: 108
[audio]Naked Larry Independents - Rhythm & Blues Motherfuckers
Mixtape of various early recordings released in a limited run of 3" dvdrs.
Downloads: 23
[audio]Named Entities - TagCloud
Tag Cloud is Chris Videll: analog electronics, sk1, monotron, shruti box, gongs, tibetan bowls, bells, pedals, fx, processing, pitch pipe.
Downloads: 109
[audio]Narcoleptic Insomniac - Asthmatic Astronaut
BLACK LANTERN MUSIC PRESENTS:[BLM046] ASTHMATIC ASTRONAUT - NARCOLEPTIC INSOMNIAC1    The way it crumbles2    A kind of loud you can't hear3    Sleeping upside down (Pt.2)4    The wait continues5    Like the clouds pass6    The way it crumbles (Krowne Remix)7    And the wait continues (Morphamish Remix)8    Like the clouds pass (Mako Remix)"This is a collection of tracks that I made shortly after completing 'Super Intelligent Common Sense' Back in early 2010, I feel they ...
Downloads: 45
[audio]Narrow Road to the Interior - Angels in America
Angels in America, the bodypump-infected and skuzz-infested duo of Moppy Pont and Merv Glisten, have been honing their rickety vocabulary on fractured, edge-of-the-abyss cassette releases for a few years now. With Narrow Road to the Interior, their first LP, the band offers a palliative for the debilitating stench of summer with a heady mix of sweet smells, agreeable natural notes, and plenty of creeping, low-to-the-ground odor...
Downloads: 524
[audio]Narrows Live at KEXP 9/16/10 - Narrows
Hardcore quintet Narrows slams the KEXP airwaves with their articulate walls of noise.  The Seattle-based project featuring Dave Verellen (Botch) and Ryan Frederiksen (These Arms Are Snakes) joins Hannah Levine on KEXP's "Seek and Destroy" for 3 heavy tracks of organized chaos. -M. Ogaz
Downloads: 24
[audio]Nashville, The Other Side Of The Alley - Various Artists [Bloodshot Records]

Downloads: 126
[audio]Nat M. Wills [Various Recordings] - Nat M. Wills
Various Recordings by Nat M. Wills
Downloads: 93
[audio]NATCH 0 - Dave Nuss, Rahdunes, and Aswara
The Prequel Ahhhh... A time machine entry into the Natch cannon. An amazing document of four separate and unique entities gathering together for a day of improvisation. Something magical happens when a group of musicians leave their thing at the door and simultaneously bring their thing, hardcore, into a session in a way that gels together with the other folks in the room. The unconscious connection these people had was a treat to hear unfold over the course of a day & night and, in a way, plant...
Downloads: 25
[audio]NATCH 1 - Black Twig Pickers and Steve Gunn
Theres a vibration like a current running under the crust... You can feel it bubbling under your toes when you walk around and hear it dancing in your ears in the dead of night. You can fight it or let it wash over you... droning... buzzing. There are particular people who have special access to it. The instruments they pick up resonate in a certain way, just a little different from other players. A touch more timeless, a bit unfathomable, a tad frightening / exciting / stirred by the inexplicab...
Downloads: 102
[audio]NATCH 2 - Dave Shuford, Margot Bianca and Pigeons
There is an aspect of music that creates an invisible map, plotting points along the vapors we make tangible as memory. Where the moments which we can recall intersect there are revelatory connections. More often than not, time spent exploring shared sonic remembrances is fleeting. The capture of a capture... the reinvention of a capture in a communal setting... and the creation of something totally new from nothing more than an unspoken understanding of a path shared are things to behold...
Downloads: 28
[audio]NATCH 3 - Aaron Moore & Carter Thornton
Fearlessness. It is there in all great music, whether it springs from oblivion, conceit, phantasm or distraction. Paired with a personal and razor-sharp aesthetic, it can be the ember that ignites both darling and derision. It would be easy to assume that all improvisation is fearless, which would not be true. Falling into patterns is as easy as playing the middle eight the exact same way every time...
Downloads: 284
[audio]NATCH 4 - Pat Murano and Tom Carter
We could talk about an improviser’s ability to listen to the other players around them and how important it is to crossing the line between jamming and spontaneous composition… But instead, we should dwell for 49 minutes on the idea of a person being at the top of their game. It is not an expression used in music very much, but it applies here. A musician can have many peaks at various points in their relationship to sound...
Downloads: 62
[audio]NATCH 5 - Zachary Cale, Mighty Moon & Ethan Schmid

Downloads: 32
[audio]NATCH 6 - Michael Evans and David Nuss
Expectation. It can be a funny thing when it comes to music. There is a lot of dialog around the critic’s table about expectation – should an artist reproduce a sound they are known for, placating the folks who are most likely to be listening? Or should they expand and explore the varying paths laid before them by their muse, potentially turning aside their devoted armada of ears? The sign, or sound, of a great musical creator is one who can take both possibilities and present something inhe...
Downloads: 15
[audio]NATCH 7 - Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles
Music is a time machine. If a favorite song from your formative years comes on the car radio, you are emotionally transported back to who you were then, even if just for a moment. Fall in love with an lp from forty years ago that you’ve never heard before and it might as well have been released yesterday. Sit down in your easy chair and put on one of your favorite sides and twenty minutes can go by in a matter of seconds...
Downloads: 75
[audio]NATCH 8 - Loren Connors and Bill Orcutt
(The) Blues is information.An etymological aside:John Mactaggart’s “Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia” (1824) containing odd words he had learned while growing up in Galloway and elsewhere in Scotland, has an entry for Thread o’Blue, “any little smutty touch in song-singing, chatting, or piece of writing.”This “smutty touch” is responsible fr countless laquers, 78’s, 45’s, LPs, + equally endless conjecture in the form of grey to yellow to purple scholarship, dissertations, ar...
Downloads: 320
[audio]Nationalist Geography - Shawn Greenlee
Live at the Thunderdome, Providence. Recorded to cassette tape, April 9, 2008.
Downloads: 26
[audio]Native Speaker - Braids

Downloads: 21
[audio]Natural Conspiracy - Plastic Flowers

Downloads: 33
[audio]Natural Living - Regional Curse
‘Natural Living’ is the third album by Regional Curse (Stacey Wilson - Rites Wild, Terrible Truths, Comfort Zones). The record was performed, recorded & mixed at home by Wilson in the autumn of 2012, directly after leaving her home town of Adelaide to move to Melbourne. Refracted through pervasive themes of ascension and natural progression, ‘Natural Living’ marks a shift for Wilson into territories occupied by low-toned electronic synth and spacious drum work.
Downloads: 49
[audio]Natural Snacks - Snacks
For this record, Snacks initially wanted to encode an interactive website of sexy dance music videos and lathe it into vinyl. Included with the record would be an rca jack to telephone wire adapter so people could jam the album using their old 56k modems.  The board of directors at ehse records unfortunately 86ed this concept leaving Snacks to do a picture disc containing analog gastronomy, fights between the wait staff and the cooks, effluvial drum licks, persuasive percussion, tasteful guitar...
Downloads: 64
[audio]Nature's Got Away - Karl Blau
(Karl Blau)
Downloads: 38
[audio]Navigations Nocturnes - Cosmic Analog Ensemble
All music composed, performed, produced and mixed by Charif Megarbane (With the exception of selected samples). Recorded in Beirut, Lebanon - Nairobi, Kenya - Montreal, Canada - London, UK - Paris, France.Charif Megarbane:Drums, Classical/Acoustic/Electric/Bass Guitar, Piano, Double Bass, Akai MPC 2000 & 500, Keys, Flutes, Melodica, Harmonica, Xylophone, Percussion etc.
Downloads: 93
[audio]Necro Zulu - MUTWAWA

Downloads: 76
[audio]Necrobestial Sadobreaks - Dev/Null
Back into the evil side of splatter breaks with Dev/Null! Here's 7 tracks of gut-tearing apocalypse from the fastest, most-evilest beat masher in the world.
Downloads: 45
[audio]Necroethyl - Solar Skeletons
The dead sons of the Sun deliver their minimal industrial hypnothic doom blueswaves, dealing with male alcoolism and the relationship with female gender, pressed on heavy 180gr Marble Grey Vinyl and MP3/FLAC.After their total invasion of Mars and Pluto, The Solar Skeletons choosed the center of earth power,Washington DC, to start their crusade in january 2006. They quickly established their HQ in Brussels, to have a panoptical sight on multiple populations, and so they applyed their stage propag...
Downloads: 37
[audio]Negativeland - Kido
Upitup is proud to present you our new member Kido's debut EP, the perfect soundtrack for these hard credit crunch times! A perfect flowing five tracker bringing dubstep to new directions, exploring distortion and deep subs: welcome to London, welcome to "Negativeland".
Downloads: 54
[audio]Neighbours - Ergo Phizmiz
"Neighbours" - Three pieces of personal agitprop!The result of increasingly frequent comings to verbal blows with intrusive and arrogant neighbours!"Trying to Be Peaceful" is a general "bad neighbour" song."Old Chap" is for the old chap on one side."Turn It Down" is for the lady and gentleman on the other side.These pieces will be playing on a regular basis in my living room over the coming weeks.And, in solidarity with anyone else who has neighbours who disturb their peace with idiocy and conde...
Downloads: 131
[audio]Neithers Mind/Neithers Kind Auk Theater CS Split with Eyes and Arms of Smoke - Irene Moon
Split CS from about 2004 with Eyes and Arms of Smoke.  Recorded in Lexington Kentucky with Eyes and Arms of Smoke and the household of the Charles Mansion.  Sara Okeefe was the other main Auk on the Niethers.
Downloads: 33
[audio]Neko Case Live On CBC Radio 3 Jan/22/2009 - Neko Case
Playing hits from her new album, Middle Cyclone, Neko Case whirls into our studios at Radio 3.
Downloads: 183
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